2016 Frozen Four - Amalie Arena, Tampa, FL
National Championship: Saturday, April 9th. @ 8:00 PM
Team Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 O.T. Final
Quinnipiac 1-T. Clifton, C. Clifton, St. Denis (PP) No scoring - - 1
North Dakota 1-Gersich, Boeser, Ausmus
2-Boeser (SH)
No scoring 1-Caggiula, Schmitz, Boeser
2-Caggiula, Boeser, LaDue
3-Poganski, Ausmas
- 5
2016 National Champions

Semifinal 1: Thursday, April 7th. @ 5:00 PM
Team Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 O.T. Final
Quinnipiac 1-McKernan
2-Taverner, St. Denis
1-Smith, Clifton, St. Denis No scoring - 3
Boston College No scoring 1-Tuch, White, C. Fitzgerald 1-R. Fitzgerald, McCoshen, Doherty - 2
Semifinal 2: Thursday, April 7th. @ 8:30 PM
Team Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 O.T. Final
North Dakota No scoring 1-Caggiula, Boeser, Sanderson
1-Schmaltz, Caggiula
- 4
Denver No scoring No scoring 1-Butcher, Arnold, Marcinew
2-Vanvoorhis, Hillman, Levin
- 2

Team Quotes

COACH PECKNOLD ON THE TOURNAMENT RECEPTION: "We want to thank the city of Tampa. It's been a phenomenal experience so far. Got off the plane, had red carpet treatment there, and the hotel's been great, the town's been great. So we're looking forward to playing some hockey tomorrow."

COACH PECKNOLD REGARDING HIS EVOLUTION AS A COACH: "I don't think there's any magic trick to shortening your learning curve. I think it's going to happen naturally. There's no question I've evolved as a coach. I think in my early years I had a very fixed mindset. It was very stubborn, didn't use my assistants enough, and then gradually over time got more of an open mindset or growth mindset. There's a good book on that by Carol Dweck about mindsets and how different people think about things. And I think now I have that open mindset and I'm willing to take a lot of feedback from my assistant coaches. I use Billy and Reid a lot. I think they're great. I think they're two of the best in the business. I think that's a big reason we win. Jared is a great goalie coach. I listen to him a lot. Just try to incorporate a lot of outside ideas."

SAM ANAS ON WINNING IT ALL: "I think we've had a belief in that the whole year, and obviously we had a great start. And the thing that I think was most important for us, we didn't focus on the big picture. We just focused on what was right ahead of us, and we took every game one by one. We didn't really look at really if we were ranked No. 1 or stuff like that. We just focused on playing the best we can play and playing Quinnipiac hockey. We knew if we did that each game, that good results would come our way."

Post Game vs. Boston College

COACH PECKNOLD'S OPENING COMMENTS: "First off, I'd like to congratulate Boston College on a fantastic year. Thought they played great tonight. They gave us everything we could handle. Second, I want to make sure I mention it; it hasn't come up this week, but we have a sports psychologist worked with us, Dr. Wayne Halliwell. He's been great, I think a big reason for our success. I want to kind of acknowledge what he's done for our team this year. Met with our team earlier in the year, gave us some really good ideas about reset button and being resilient and how to handle adversity. Third, in term of us, I don't think it was the prettiest game on the planet, but this team is resilient. It's great character, great culture. And all year long we have found ways to win. That's what we do. We find ways to win, and we did it tonight. We're excited to move on.

LANDON SMITH ON FINDING A WAY TO WIN: "We have a really resilient group of guys. No matter what the score or situation is in the game, nothing changes in the locker room. Everybody expects to win and everybody just goes out there and gives it their all and nothing changes. Not too high, not too low."

COACH PECKNOLD ON HIS GOALTENDER: "Garteig is a winner. Great battle mode. All year long he's been going up head to head with the top goalies in the country. And he finds a way to win. That's what he's done. He's done it for us for three years. He did it in junior hockey. Great competitor. Great battle mode. And really happy for him. Really happy we had him at the net tonight. He was great."

Postgame Quotes - National Championship Game

COACH PECKNOLD'S OPENING COMMENTS: "I want to congratulate North Dakota. I thought they were outstanding tonight. Coach Berry and his staff did a great job getting them ready. 12 draft picks. Four All-Americans. I mean, just the talent package that they have, the most talented team in the country, and they compete. It's a really good formula for success. It's pretty impressive. And they gave us a lot, and we just couldn't handle it tonight.

We didn't play our best, but we got some bad breaks with some non-calls there early in the game. Obviously I can't comment on the officiating, but we needed some breaks, and we just didn't get them. But in the end I'm just really proud of our guys and how hard they competed all year long. Four losses in 43 games is phenomenal.

I think it's been 19, 20 years since a team has done that. It's real credit to our locker room. Certainly we have talent in our room, but we've only got the two draft picks. But we've got some really good players, and to do what we did this year was special. So proud of them. Not just the three guys next to me but the battle level we had, the compete, the culture that we have, we overachieved so much, we achieve. And I'd also like to thank the city of Tampa. I think they did a phenomenal job here with hosting the Frozen Four again. Hopefully they'll get the opportunity to get it back here again."

Team Quotes

COACH YORK ON THE BEING BACK IN TAMPA: "We're, as all teams should be at this point, extremely excited, a combination of pride in our season, anticipation of being at the Frozen Four. We were here in 2012, and we were treated outstanding by everybody associated with the tournament, from the NCAA down to the Tampa Sports Commission, hotels, everything. So last time when we were on a flight coming down, we weren't quite sure how it would go in Tampa, but I thought, thinking back, it's probably one of the best Frozen Fours I've attended. Not just because we won that event, but just the way we were treated and the locale, the closeness of the hotels to the rink, the Lightning to go out of their way to make it special for the four colleges.

With that anticipation coming down this time, we understand just how good the field is. When you put those win/loss records up for four teams, it's clearly well deserved entries to the Frozen Four. A lot of respect not only Quinnipiac, who we're going to play, but the North Dakota and Denver programs. And excitement for the Boston College community, staff, players, team, personnel, everybody coming down here on the flight."

COACH YORK REGARDING HIS CONTINUED TENURE AS A COACH: "I've always thought that if you like your profession, you're going stay in it, whether you're a sportswriter, run a local deli, if you like it, you'll stay longer in it. People become lawyers and leave after three years, I don't really like the profession, or school teachers that say that, hey, this is not my cup of tea. They move to a different position so it's a lot of people that I know that switched occupations. Nothing wrong with that. But once they find something they like, they're going to stay in it. I found something I like.

I enjoy the whole gamut, from A through Z, that's involved with coaching. So I enjoy going. How old is Michigan head coach Red Berenson now? I have to catch Red, you know."

TEDDY DOHERTY and STEVE SANTINI ON WHEN THEY FIRST STARTED WATCHING THE FROZEN FOUR: TEDDY - "Yeah, I started watching the Frozen Four when I was very young. BC has always been my favorite team. So watching Coach York coach those teams in the early 2000s was something I was interested in, and made me want to get to something in life."

STEVE - "My dad played hockey for the University of Maine. I was rooting to for the Black Bears, but over the years my allegiance changed to Boston College. And what Teddy said with the exposure on ESPN and NBC Sports, they really spread the game. College hockey is really growing. It's becoming popular. And if you look at how much NHLers it's produced in the recent years, I think that's a reflection of how much this game is growing."

Post Game vs. Quinnipiac

COACH YORK'S OPENING COMMENTS: "I thought Quinnipiac played very well. Certainly a team worthy of playing for a National Championship Saturday night. So I thought they were hard. They were gritty. They got good goaltending. I think Rand has an excellent team there. Having said that, I think our club, we started a bit slow tonight, down 2-0 early. And even though when it was 3-1, I thought we're built to come back, and we really played well I thought the third period. Got it to 3-2, and then with the goaltender pulled, I thought we had two really exceptional chances to score that the kid made unbelievable saves on. One was low to his pad on the left side, and then when Ian put all the wood on it, four, five seconds left, he made a terrific glove save in the top, and that ended our season for us.

I thought our team was an excellent team, capable of winning the National Championship, as the three other teams here in the field. Go into it, there's no guarantees. But I like the effort our kids had after the slow start. I thought we battled hard and wore the uniform very proudly. So no regrets. We played hard. Just only regret is we're not staying over to play in the championship game."

Team Quotes

COACH BARRY ON BEING IN TAMPA: "First of all, we're happy to be here, excited to be in Tampa. Want to thank the city of Tampa Bay and the Amalie Arena for having us here. Should make out to be a great weekend with four really good college hockey teams and a great environment."

COACH BARRY REGARDING THE "LOOSENESS" HIS TEAM: "I think there's a balance. And that's a great question. This is a very special group. We've said it all year long. The three guys that are to the right of me and a bunch of the juniors and seniors in that locker room, we've been here before. We've experienced a little disappointment in the last couple of years in Philadelphia and Boston. They're hungry. They're focused. They're committed. They're dialed in right away. But at the same time, there's a little bit of levity there as far as being a human being and enjoying it. We're all about that. And, again, tomorrow's game day, and they'll be ready to go."

COACH BARRY REGARDING THE PERCEPTION THAT UND PLAYS WITH A "SNARL": "That's another great question. We are made up of you could call it a blue-collar mentality. We take our lunchboxes and we go to work every day and it's all about the work and the humility and getting after it. In saying that, we want to be aggressive on the ice, but we do talk about discipline... I thought we did a really good job in Cincinnati, and even in the Frozen Faceoff, of limiting our penalties. That's playing hard, but playing with discipline. That's a big word we use every day in our locker room about playing with tenacity but playing disciplined... It's going to be an important factor this weekend going forward. Again, four great teams here. They have great power plays and you can't get caught up being in the penalty box all the time. Again, we talk about it, and I think our guys have done a great job over the last couple of weekends."

BRYN CHYZYK ON THE DENVER / NORTH DAKOTA RIVARY: "Everyone knows it's a rivalry game. We've played them so many times over my four-year career here, and every time it's a great game and it's a high compete level. And it's always very intense. So I expect nothing different tomorrow here. But we definitely respect them as a team. They've got a lot of skill up front, but we also respect our ability over here. We have a lot of confidence what we can do, and we'll play our game tomorrow and take care of business."

Post Game vs. Denver

COACH BARRY'S OPENING COMMENT: "I want to congratulate Jim Montgomery and Denver Pioneer team. We battled them all year, and that's what you see, a very good team, very well coached, structured, hardworking team, and they left it all on the ice. And it's a typical NCHC rival game."

COACH BARRY ON PLAYING WITH A TWO GOAL LEAD: "our message after the second period was keep the foot on the gas. The only problem was we stopped making plays for a little bit. And I thought we started the game a little bit slow, a little tentative. And then in the second period I think the last two shifts of the first period we picked up momentum played into the rink, and in the second period we got back to making plays moving with confidence moving the puck to the north. And being two goals up, you're playing against a good team. They're going to make plays. The first goal on a faceoff play, they made a nice play to score. If you stop making plays, that's what happens. It's a learning lesson for us tonight going forward that you have to keep the foot on the gas and keep making plays."

DRAKE CAGGIULA ON BROCK BOESER'S ASSISTS: "We always joke around and tell him to pass the puck because all he does is score. No, a lot of people don't realize just how good his vision is and he can make plays all over the ice, not just scoring goals but he can definitely find you in open areas. He made a great play to me on my first goal, an awesome Sasha pass behind the defensemen, great play to Nick on the third one. He's been huge for our line. He's a freshman, but he doesn't act like a freshman, very mature kid on and off the ice. I think that's what makes him such a special person and such a special player as well." NICK SCHMALTZ ADDS: "Just going off of that, he's a fun player to play with. He thinks the game the same way as me and Drake. We like to make plays, but we also like to play hard away from the puck. I think that's the staple of our success is how hard we play away from the puck and getting the pucks back and going and playing offense. So he's been a huge piece to our line, and hopefully we can keep it rolling on Saturday."

National Championship Postgame Quotes

COACH BARRY'S OPENING COMMENTS: "First of all, I want to congratulate Rand Pecknold and his team from Quinnipiac. Tremendous year. Set a lot of goals in front of them and they attained an unbelievable year as far as getting to the Frozen Four here again. And we want to congratulate him and his staff and his team. The city of Tampa Bay and the Amalie Arena for having us here in Tampa. Great hosts, professionally done, and treated us great here. And last but not least, the three guys to my right and the rest of the guys in the locker room of digging in hard every single day since we started, believing it, earning it and finally now raising it."

DRAKE CAGGIULA ON WINNING THE CHAMPIONSHIP: "It's a special night not only for us but for all the people that have put work into the program, all the guys that have played before us, all the coaches that came before us, and anyone that's helped build this program up to where it is now. It's not just for this team, it's for all those people. It's for all those fans. It's a 16- year drought, but it's finally coming back to North Dakota. And it's a special feeling, not just for our team, but it's a special feeling for everyone that follows our team."

COACH BERRY ON GETTING IT DONE TONIGHT: "It feels great. We openly talk about winning championships and trying to be the best that we can be every single day. And to finally complete that and do that, it's an accolade or a team award that we'll cherish for a long time. As much as this group is going to enjoy it, I think the city of Grand Forks, the state of North Dakota, the University of North Dakota, the athletic department, the Ralph Engelstad family, they'll all enjoy it. It's long overdue, and I'm glad finally we can do that. I'm glad we didn't disappoint our fans that were in the stands tonight. We had a whole slug of them there, and I'm glad we came through for them."

Team Quotes

COACH MONTGOMERY ON THEIR RECEPTION IN TAMPA: "Well, it's awesome. Tampa Bay, the Lightning organization, the entire city has been fantastic. Right from when we set foot on ground, there was a band playing. So it's been an incredible experience for us so far. Now it's time to get down to business. And looking at North Dakota, we know they're a great team. We've been .500 against them during the year. It's going to be a great college hockey game. And the team that makes the most plays is going to prevail."

COACH MONTGOMERY REGARDING THE INTENSITY OF THEIR PRACTICES: "That's just the way we practice. I think a lot of our personality on the ice in games comes from our personality in practice. And a lot of that emanates from me. Intensity is what I was about as a player. And as a coach, I think to get these guys to realize that all this type of stuff, it's awesome, that we have so many journalists here and that we're on so many different websites. But we're not used to that. So we gotta get back to what matters most, and that's our preparation. And if we're business-like, and especially if I'm business-like, I think it gets our players on the right page."

GRANT ARNOLD ON WHAT IT MEANS TO BE PLAYING IN THE FROZEN FOUR: "It means a lot to our class. It means a lot to a lot of people. Means a lot to the alumni. It means a lot to the school. Denver Athletics takes a lot of pride in winning championships. The skiing won the National Championship, and along with lacrosse last year. So it's a huge honor to represent the university. There's no question about it. And to be a senior and make it to the Frozen Four, it's extremely special. I think this team has definitely earned it. And like I said, it's a huge honor to represent Denver at the Frozen Four here. We're real excited to be here, there's no question."

Post Game vs. North Dakota

COACH MONTGOMERY'S OPENING COMMENTS: "It was a great college hockey game. It's what we expected. When North Dakota and Denver play, it's great hockey. And I said two days ago that the team that's going to win is the team that makes the last play, and North Dakota made the last play. They're a great team, and I wish them luck, and I hope the NCHC brings home their first national title. That being said, I can't be more proud of our group. I think what you saw from the fight in us all year long and in this game exemplifies the great leadership with have led by Grant and the three seniors and Butchy, and I think it shows what's inside of us to be able to just keep fighting and to keep believing no matter what the score was or how we were playing. And I'm very proud to have coached this group, and I know that the numerous text messages I've got from the Denver hockey alums, they're very proud of our group and what we've accomplished this year."

GRANT ARNOLD ON PLAYING HIS LAST GAME FOR DENVER: "This is the last time I'm going to be able to wear this jersey. A lot of blood, sweat and tears. Two surgeries on my body. A lot of great wins, a lot of great friendships. Denver hockey is a family. Denver athletics is a family. I'm just keeping it on as long as I can and just enjoying it, maybe get a couple more pictures in it with my face in the media. That will probably be the last of that. But I just want to show the pride I have for Denver hockey and Denver athletics. And like I said, it's a family. We're at the NCHC conference, and I know North Dakota's going to represent them well in the National Championship game. Like I said, I love Denver athletics, I love Denver hockey. Coach Montgomery, I've learned more than you can ever imagine from him. And we'll be lifelong friends. And that's what Denver hockey is, Denver athletics, it's a family and we love each other. And I just want to keep it on for a little longer."

Frozen Four Fan Fest

Scenes from the Frozen Four

Spencer Penrose Coach of the Year Award: Rand Pecknold - Quinnipiac

Mike Richter Award: Thatcher Demko - Boston College

2016 1st. Team All - Americans

  • Alex Lyon - Yale University Goalie
  • Charlie Lindgren - St. Cloud State Goalie
  • Matt Grzelcyk - Boston University Defenseman
  • Jake Walman - Providence College Defenseman
  • Ethan Prow - St. Cloud State Defenseman
  • Zach Werenski - Michigan Defenseman
  • Sam Anas - Quinnipiac Forward
  • Andrew Poturalski - UNH Forward
  • Jimmy Vesey - Harvard Forward
  • Brock Boeser - North Dakota Forward
  • Kyle Connor - Michigan Forward
  • Tyler Motte - Michigan Forward

2016 2nd. Team All - Americans

  • Thatcher Demko - Boston College Goalie
  • Cam Johnson - North Dakota Goalie
  • Gavin Bayreuther - St. Lawrence University Defenseman
  • Rob O'Gara - Yale Defenseman
  • Will Butcher - Denver Defenseman
  • Troy Stecher - North Dakota Defenseman
  • Ryan Fitzgerald - Boston College Forward
  • Mark Jankowski - Providence College Forward
  • Danny O'Regan - Boston University Forward
  • Drake Caggiula - North Dakota Forward
  • J.T. Compher - Michigan Forward
  • Alex Petan - Michigan Tech Forward

2016 Hobey Hattrick Team Conference
Kyle Connor Michigan
Thatcher Demko Boston College
Jimmy Vesey Harvard
2016 Hobey Baker Award Winner - Jimmy Vesey

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